Upcoming BlackBerry Device Software details leaked

Research In Motion

The Boy Genius has landed an internal RIM document that looks at the new features in the BlackBerry Device Software version 4.6. The document contains plenty of screenshots, including many of the new theme. The new software is intended for its upcoming 3G devices.

Among the enhancements promised for the upcoming 3G BlackBerry’s are a richer browsing experience thanks to support for JavaScript 1.5, CSS 2.1, HTML 4.01, and XMLHttpRequest. new language features, an improved Pictures Library, the ability to view automatic music playlists, support for inline video streaming in the browser and a number of security enhancements, improvements around Wi-Fi connectivity, and BlackBerry Maps enhancements.

The 3G BlackBerry 9000 is expected to be released later this year. It will be preceded by another 3G model though. The BlackBerry 8900 (codenamed Meteor) is expected to be released this summer (perhaps as late as August). Unlike the 9000 which might come with a touchscreen, the 8900 retains the traditional RIM QWERTY keyboard although somewhat flatter than those of previous models.

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