Weekday fun: Dungeoned


There’s nothing like a little dungeon crawling to relieve office boredom. Dungeoned is such a game, promising to blend elements from logical, arcade and role playing games. If sometimes you feel you don’t have the time or patience for going deeply into a real role playing game with all their complicated quests, hard to solve puzzles and difficult to understand rules, but you still want to have some dungeon fun for a short while, this is your game!

The game features 50 dungeons and other locales to explore and a variety of weapons, armor, spells and potions to buy. It also tracks how long it takes to finish each level and gives you a tally of your achievements at the end of the game. It is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 or newer devices and requires 3MB of storage and 6.5MB of program memory.

Dungeoned is available for USD$9.95 from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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