Weekend fun: Free Eggstreme – Sizzler Supremacy

Eggstreme - Sizzler Supremacy

Just in time for Easter comes the return of the free game Eggstreme – Sizzler Supremacy from Clickgamer. The Eggs have always been a civil race. Easy going and law abiding (although known to crack under pressure occasionally). But this Easter, things are going to change…

The Eggatrons have invaded to establish a new order. Help the Eggs fight back – to reach supremacy – to restore their position in the albumen. All Eggs, black, white, small, big, dotted and even slightly cracked will have to unite to combat this evil. Your fellow yolks need you in the scrambling sizzle that has erupted.

The game features two game modes (Timed for advanced players and Easy for beginners), bonus eye-candy action, a hint system, the ability to submit your score to represent your country and more. It is available for Windows Mobile devices, Symbian S60, S80 and S90 devices and others.

Eggstreme – Sizzler Supremacy is available for free from our affiliate Clickgamer.

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