Weekend fun: Killer RoboRabbits From Mars

Killer RoboRabbits From Mars

Killer RoboRabbits from Mars is a platformer where you get all that stands between the survival of earth and an army of killer robo-rabbits is you and your mallet. An army of evil robo-rabbits and their animal android friends have infiltrated earth’s wildlife. You must travel the globe through beautiful countryside, icey plains and some more bizarre settings, flattening anything that flies, walks or crawls. The planet’s only hope is for you to squish the lot of them, with an oversized mallot! Somehow, I don’t think that PETA will endorse this game!

The game features 40 levels of animal annihilation, plenty of cute animals, including bunnies, frogs and penguins, and not so cute animals like slugs to squish, scenery that you can demolish as you go along, an autosave feature and more.

Killer RoboRabbits From Mars is available for USD$9.95 from our affiliate Clickgamer. A trial version is also available.

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