What does MSI have in store for Computex 2008? (Updated)

It looks like MSI will be quite busy during Computex 2008. The company will have several product announcements, including some new motherboards and low-cost devices. First up, the MSI Wind (in its 10-inch Windows XP configuration) is expected to be at the show.

The MSI Wind is also set to gain a desktop cousin. The Wind PC is a low-cost desktop intended to compete with the upcoming Asus EBOX. It could sell for USD$250 without a display. It is expected to pack an Intel processor (the Atom perhaps?), 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, DVD drive and an Gigabit Ethernet port. It would also be an energy-efficient design, using no more than 35 watts.

MSI CEO Joseph Hsu has also indicated that MSI will not get into the MID business until Intel introduces its second generation MID platform in mid 2009.

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