What if T-Mobile or AT&T brought the iPhone to Canada?

Apple iPhone

We haven’t had an iPhone in Canada rumour in far too long. Fortunately, 9to5Mac has come to our rescue with a bit of conjecture.

Many are trying to figure out who is behind Niagara Networks Inc.’ bid in the upcoming Canadian wireless auction. The company made a credit deposit of CAD$881 million for licenses that would cover the entire country. Two big names being thrown around as those mysterious backers are those of T-Mobile and AT&T. Do you see where this is going?

Assuming that Niagara Networks and their friends with deep pockets win enough licenses to launch a nationwide network, could they enter the market with a big splash by offering the Apple iPhone? If the company is indeed backed by either T-Mobile or AT&T, both already offer the iPhone somewhere in the world. Perhaps Apple would find negotiations with them easier than with Rogers.

If this is true though, it could certainly be a while longer before we see the iPhone in Canada.

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