Windows Mobile 6.5 confirmed by Ballmer

Microsoft Windows Mobile

You can move the news about Windows Mobile 6.5 from rumour to fact. During a Telstra investor briefing, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that Windows Mobile 6 will receive another update before we see Windows Mobile 7:

With releases we’ll make this year, releases we’ll make with 6.5 next year, Windows Mobile 7, I think we have a pretty interesting roadmap.

There is little information at this time about Windows Mobile 6.5. There are no details as to what enhancements will make its way into this new release and when it will be released. But rumours suggest that device manufacturers will see Windows Mobile 6.5 early next year with devices expected mid to late 2009. Enhancements, particularly in the area of touchscreen interfaces, are also widely predicted.

With this new interim release now confirmed, can we still expect to see Windows Mobile 7 later this year (possibly released in conjunction with Windows 7)? Or is a 2010 release date more realistic?

You can find the short reference to the upcoming Windows Mobile versions in the Q&A Session 2 section at about 12th minute.

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