Windows Mobile Device Center to make way for Device Stage in Windows 7?

After replacing ActiveSync in Windows Vista, it would appear that Windows Mobile Device Center is itself set to be replaced when Windows 7 comes out. The new Device Stage will allow users to connect not only Windows Mobile devices but any for which a manufacturer has provided Device Stage definitions. This means that it allow users to connect more than just mobile phones. Any device that is connected to the computer could be managed via Device Stage which would expose all of the device’s functionality in one interface.

Manufacturers will be able to customize Windows Stage with their own branding and tie it back to software applications of their choice. Best of all, users would be able to change this default program directly from the Windows Stage. For example, if you don’t like the scanning software that came with the new scanner you just bought, changing the default program would be done directly through Device Stage.

Microsoft is also planning to offer an online repository of Device Stage definitions. When a new device is plugged in, Device Stage would automatically download the appropriate definition.

Windows 7 is widely expected in the second half of 2009.

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