Zune 2.5 update brings plenty of new features

Microsoft Zune

Aside from getting announced in Canada, the Microsoft Zune got itself a major update today, adding new software features and content to the Zune online store, music community and Zune Pass monthly subscription service.

First up is the addition of more than 800 episodes of popular television series to the Zune Marketplace. Among these, you will find COMEDY CENTRAL’s South Park, NBC’s The office and 30 Rock and SCI FI Channel’s Battlestar Galactica. Each episode will be priced at 160 Microsoft points (about USD$1.99).

The Zune online music community also got some attention. New are the following: The ability to drag and drop Zune cards to a Zune device, an improved friends search, artist and album reviews, reputation badges to show your passion for the Zune, and Windows Live connections where your contacts will be able to see what you are listening to.

The Zune software was not left out and also adds features like auto playlists, gapless playback, the ability to update track or album information using multi-select and drag-and-drop, sorting by genre,the ability to sync multiple Zunes simultaneously, and improved Zune reminders.

The new Zune software can be downloaded from the Zune web site.

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