Zune to get a touchscreen model eventually

Microsoft Zune

In a recent interview with The San Fransisco Chronicle, Robbie Bach talked about how touch interfaces are making their way onto a variety of devices. While not confirming that the Zune is getting a touchscreen any time soon, Bach did confirm that Microsoft’s plans are moving in that direction. When asked a question about a touchscreen Zune, he obliquely answered:

Take the device independent for a second and just assume that over time where there’s a screen, touch will be part of it. It’s not going to matter what the product line is. You’re going to see it be a cornerstone of the work we do.

Do you think we will see a touchscreen Zune when the next generation is unveiled (whenever that is)?

The rest of the interview covers a variety of topics including a Zune phone (still unlikely), movies on the Zune Marketplace, and topics beyond the Zune.

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