2009 HTC product lineup revealed?


It would appear that at least a portion of the 2009 HTC product roadmap has been leaked. A total of 25 upcoming designs have surfaced on a PPC Geeks forum post. There is precious little in terms of specifications but all are pictured. While some appear to be updates and others are carrier variants, there are also some completely new designs.

At least one design, the Hero, is identified as a Google Android-powered device although I suspect that there may be some other ones lurking on the list (like those Sapphires).

A few more tidbits and guesses: It would appear that Sprint and Verizon will both offer the Touch HD Pro (aka Tungsten and Rhodium respectively). The venerable HTC Excalibur also looks like it has a successor in the form of the HTC Maple (aka 3G Excalibure). The Topaz shares quite a resemblance to the HTC Diamond and could replace it.

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