A release date for the Palm Pre?

Palm Pre

Leave it to The Boy Genius Report to get a copy of an internal document that reveals some of what Sprint has in store for 2009. The document shows End Of Life (EOL) dates for a number of models and includes their replacements.

Probably the device that most are curious about would be the Palm Pre, Palm’s first device to run the just announced Palm webOS. The document shows that it will replace that Palm 775 which is scheduled to be retired at the end of May. The Palm shows a target in-stock of March 15th. That does not necessarily mean that it will hit the street then but it will hopefully follow shortly thereafter.

Sprint is also set to replace the Palm 800W with the Palm Treo Pro and the LG Rumor with the LG 265 Rumor II (both with a target in-stock date of February 15).

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