Apple unveils even smaller iPod shuffle

Apple iPod shuffle 3G

Apple has released a new and redesigned iPod shuffle. It shrunk again, being only about half the size of the previous second generation iPod shuffle.

Measuring 45.2 by 17.5 by 7.8 millimeters (smaller than a AA battery), the new iPod shuffle comes with 4GB of storage (enough for about 1,000 songs). It also adds a new VoiceOver feature that announces artist names and song titles. It is also used to choose from different playlists, another new addition to the iPod shuffle. Controls, except for a single button on the player itself, are now on the right earbud cord.

It is available in silver or black for US$79 or CA$99.

Apple will continue to sell the second generation 1GB iPod shuffle for US$49 (CA$55) but will phase out the 2GB version.

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