Details of Verizon 2009 product roadmap revealed

Verizon Wireless

Engadget Mobile has obtained some details about what Verizon has in store for 2009. Not surprisingly, Verizon will focus on increasing the adoption of data plans, both domestically and globally. To help with the latter, Verizon will launch at least one global EV-DO/HSPA modem. Also expected are pre-paid data plans.

There are also a number of details on what we could see in terms of mobile phones:

  • Motorola will be well represented with a new QWERTY phone, a new slider, a new clamshell and a Push-to-Talk model.
  • HTC is supposed to offer up a version of the HTC Touch Diamond and a new device very similar to the HTC Touch HD.
  • The BlackBerry 8830 will be replaced by a new global phone with Bold-like styling.
  • The VX9600 Versa from LG could be aimed at gamers. It will come with a detachable keyboard and add-on modules like a gamepad.

Verizon is also looking at offering netbooks with integrated 3G. The first model could be from HP.

Unfortunately, there are no details as to when these will hit the Verizon site and stores and how much they will go for.

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