i-mate unveils Centurion and Legionnaire mobile phones at MWC

i-mate Centurion

During MWC, i-mate showed off three new devices. The i-mate 810-F has already been announced. The other two devices, the Centurion and the Legionnaire, are still in development but show that i-mate is trying something new in an attempt to come back from a number of setbacks over the last couple of years.

The size of a credit card, the Centurion could be the smallest Windows Mobile phone. Despite its size, it packs a full QWERTY keyboard (with keys larger than those on the Nokia E71), HSDPA connectivity and a 2MP camera. It is expected to run Windows Mobile 6.5 Standard. It should be available in the summer for about US$550.

The Legionnaire appears to be a much more conventional device. Sporting a large touchscreen, and an 800MHz processor, it looks like yet another iPhone competitor. Where i-mate’s vision stands out is when you pair the Legionnaire with a shell-device called the Warrior. The touchscreen Legionnaire becomes a trackpad for the device packing a 10-inch XVGA display, a full-sized keyboard, additional ports and slots. It is also expected to run Windows Mobile 6.5.

The Legionnaire is also expected to sell in the US$500 price range. The Warrior shell will cost an additional US$199 or so.

Let’s hope that i-mate is able to bring them to market on schedule.