Latest iPhone software update reveals new iPhone?

Apple spent a bit of time digging into the latest iPhone software update and has found evidence of a new iPhone model. Listed on the USBDeviceConfiguration.plist key in the firmware is a new and so far unknown model number. The new designation is iPhone2,1.

Apple uses model numbers to identify the different hardware models. To date, new model numbers have only been rolled out when new models gained new functionality, rather than more minor updates such as capacity upgrades. The original iPhone is known as iPhone 1,1 and the iPhone 3G as iPhone 1,2.

The uptick from 1 to 2 on the first digit could be indicative of a significant upgrade. Whether this is the iPhone nano, an iPhone using a multi-core processor , or something completely different remains to be seen though. The when for this unveiling also remains unknown although Apple could announce it in June, the time it has traditionally unveiled other iPhone models.

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