Motorola developing custom Android interface called Blur


Both Forbes and The Boy Genius Report are reporting that Motorola is planning its own interface for its upcoming Android devices. Known as Blur, the interface will feature strong integration with social networking sites. Unlike other interfaces, Blur will be able to receive updates from such sites without users having to log into those sites. While Motorola has not commented publicly about Blur, Sanjay Jha, co-chief executive officer of Motorola, Inc. and chief executive officer of Motorola’s Mobile Devices business, recently described “a service for personalized, shareable, end-to-end experiences” that will be offered on its Android phones.

The challenge with such a feature is to keep bandwidth and battery use to a minimum. Motorola has apparently solved the problem by deciding to use a network operations center (NOC). The NOC would track relevant updates and changes and push them out to a user’s device.

Motorola could launch Blur as an option that it would offer to carriers with its upcoming Android phones.

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