New pictures of Windows Mobile 6.5 user interface

Compulab, a newcomer to the world of mobile devices, has published a couple pictures of an alpha version of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on the upcoming exeda.

The pictures reveal an updated version of the so-called honeycomb interface first revealed a while ago. They also reveal a couple of other features. First, there is a much larger close button (the ‘X’) to reduce (and hopefully close) applications. The wallpaper now also extends to the soft buttons (as in Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard).

The pictures show a much refined interface over what we had seen to date. Given that this is an alpha version, things could still change quite a bit though. With Windows Mobile 6.5 widely expected to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, I expect that we will see more details leak out over the next few weeks.

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