OpenMoko discontinues open source Neo FreeRunner smartphone

OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner

OpenMoko is discontinuing its open-source Neo FreeRunner smartphone. The announcement was made by OpenMoko executive director Sean Moss-Pulz during the OpenExpo taking place in Bern, Switzerland. OpenMoko will also lay off about half of the company’s employees.

To date, OpenMoko had sold the FreeRunner primarily to developers. Sales had topped 13,000 units (3,000 of the first generation Neo 1973 handset and over 10,000 of the FreeRunner) but they were not enough to continue funding the project. The FreeRunner had also been saddled with a number of issues, including a buzzing sound during calls, that still need to be fixed. As a result, a third generation device (codenamed GTA03) was behind schedule.

OpenMoko will refocus its efforts on a new project called Plan B. Details about this new device are slim but it is expected to cost significantly less than the GTA03 and could help turn around OpenMoko’s financial situation. Or not…

Additional information: Ars Technica

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