Palm App Catalog records one million downloads

Palm Pre

The Palm App Catalog which launched with the Palm Pre on June 6th has recorded over one million downloads. This is quite remarkable considering that only about 30 applications are currently available in the catalog. Assuming that about 150,000 Palm Pres have been sold to date (based on estimates by RBC analyst Mike Abramsky), this translates to more than 6 downloads for each Pre user in the space of 18 days.

The public release of the webOS SDK (expected at the end of the summer) should dramatically help grow the contents of the Palm App Catalog and accelerate download rates (especially if Palm can address Palm Pre supply issues as well).

In comparison, it only took one day for Apple to reach the same milestone with its App Store. In fairness though, the Apple Store launched with 16 times more applications and 26 times more devices already in the hands of customers.

Source: The Boy Genius Report

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