Palm webOS SDK leaked

Palm Pre

Palm’s plan was to launch its webOS SDK to the public in late summer but that may change now that what appears to be a legitimate beta copy has leaked out. It appears that someone who was recently accepted into Palm’s early access program decided to share it with all.

It’s not clear how Palm will react to the leak. For example, Palm could (and likely will) block applications developed by unapproved developers. It may also go after sites hosting the leaked SDK but it may be too late already as it appears to have spread far and wide. If the SDK is still beta, Palm will still need time to put the final touches on the final version, meaning that they may not be in a position to release the SDK earlier than they had planned. We’ll just have to see.

Since the initial leak, the SDK has been made available in several places. You should not have too much trouble finding it (one hint: visit Use caution as this is an unofficial release.