Rogers to rebrand smartphones as Webphones?

Rogers CommunicationsRogers Wireless appears set to rebrand its smartphones as Webphones. The move will begin with the introduction of new phones and reduced pricing (with eligible three-year data plans) on existing ones:

  • The Android-powered LG Eve (3-inch touchscreen, GPS, Wi-Fi, 5MP camera) for CA$49.99
  • The BlackBerry Bold 9000 in white and the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 will be offered for CA$99.99
  • The Nokia N86 should be out in November and will sell for CA$99.99
  • The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is expected in late November for CA$299.99

Rogers is also expected to make some changes to its plans. These should include:

  • Unlimited network calling added to Mega Value Combos
  • Additional minutes
  • MY5 Local to become MY5 Canada Wide
  • Limited texting add-on to become unlimited on Mega Value plans
  • Pricing to remain unchanged

Do you like the new Webphone branding or will it simply further confuse customers?

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