Rogers Wireless HTC Dream and Magic pricing revealed? (Updated)

Rogers Wireless

Rogers announced that it will launch both the Android-powered HTC Dream and HTC Magic on June 2nd but did not reveal pricing details. Fortunately, the Boy Genius Report sources have struck again.

It looks like both will sell for CA$549.99 without a contract. It’s not clear what the subsidized price with a contract will be but it could be as low as CA$149.99 with a three-year contract.

It appears that Rogers is also considering re-introducing its 6GB for CA$30 data plan that it had offered when the iPhone 3G was launched last summer. Like last year, it would cover all smartphones.

Update: New details have come to light. Contract-free pricing has jumped to CA$649.99. With a three-year contract, the price will drop to CA$199.99.

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