Second Android handset headed to T-Mobile USA in upcoming weeks


T-Mobile’s CTO, Cole Brodman, has confirmed that T-Mobile USA is getting ready to launch its second Google Android handset. T-Mobile had already confirmed that more Android phones were coming back in February. But Brodman confirmed that the launch was now imminent and will take place in “early summer”. Look for specific details to be released later this month.

The news lines up with details on the leaked 2009 T-Mobile Android roadmap that surfaced back in May. That roadmap showed a G2 being released sometime between mid-May and mid-July. There is some doubt that the G2 will come from HTC (as the leaked roadmap suggests). Instead, it could come from Motorola or Samsung.

Other details about the upcoming device are slim at this point but Brodman confirmed that it would be powered by Android 1.5 (Cupcake).

T-Mobile USA was the first carrier to release an Android-powered device when it launched the G1 back in October 2008. T-Mobile sold over one million G1’s in the first six months, making it a moderate success for the carrier.

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