Sprint launches Palm Treo Pro (but only for a short while)

Palm Treo Pro

Sprint.com launched the Palm Treo Pro today, becoming the first North American carrier to offer it (and also the first to stop offering it but more on that later). The Sprint version of the Palm Treo Pro operates on the EV-DO network but otherwise looks to share the same specifications as the GSM version.

Sprint also offers its usual services such as NFL Mobile Live access, Sprint TV, Sprint Music store, and Sprint Mobile sync with the Treo Pro.

Sprint is offering the Palm Treo Pro for US$249.99 with a two-year service agreement (after a US$100 mail-in rebate and US$200 instant savings). The price jumps to US$549.99 without a contract.

With the official launch not expected until January 25th, it did not take too long for Sprint.com to pull it down again. It will be back soon!

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