Sprint Q1-Q3 2009 roadmap leaked?


It appears that a Sprint product release roadmap for the first three quarters of 2009 has been leaked.

One of the highlights has to be the smartphone release slide. It shows the HTC Willow and Palm Pre (called the P100/Palm Jones) in Q2 followed by the Samsung Ace II, HTC Rhodium (packing both GSM and CDMA) and the BlackBerry Niagara in Q3. A second interesting slide shows that Sprint will focus more on touch devices, including the Samsung Dash (the second generation Instinct), and messaging devices, such as the Samsung Cello and Samsung Chianti, to drive sales and ARPU. On the low cost side, expect to see the HTC Cedar in Q2.

Did anything catch your fancy? Aside from the Palm Pre, I mean…

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