T-Mobile Android device 2009 roadmap revealed

Google Android

TMOToday.com has landed what appears to be a T-Mobile USA 2009 roadmap for Android devices. While the document contains lots of blacked out information, there is enough to show a few interesting details.

First up, the G2 appears set for a summer release. More interesting is what happens in the fall. In early September, the G1 will be replaced by the G1 v.2 (codename Bigfoot). There are no details but a small picture shows a form factor similar to the G1 but much more rounded. A second Android device will also be introduced then, the Samsung Houdini. Coud it be the just unveiled Samsung I7500 or does Samsung have a second Android device in the works?

As what T-Mobile has in store for the Christmas season, the roadmap just shows black boxes. Could even more Android devices be in store?

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