The end of the road for OQO?

OQO Model 02+

At CES earlier this year, OQO unveiled its new Model 02+. Unfortunately, it has yet to start shipping. And if the latest rumours are true, it may never do so. is reporting that the company has run out of money and that its management is looking to sell the company.

I have been told by a few people in the know and also just from watching whats going on with OQO from reports on this forum. OQO is attempting to sell the company. It lacks the funds to keep going, cash is tight and work hours have been reduced. One has to wonder if it can still meet warranty claims as it starts to buy stock to build the 2+. I’m sorry to say this, but the 2+ might be the last OQO we see made. I don’t even think we will see it.

Meanwhile, Expansys has stopped offering the OQO, citing high return rates of current models and OQO Model 2+ availability uncertainty. Customers who had pre-ordered the new model have also had their orders canceled.


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