Apple to end iPhone 4 Case Program on September 30th

Apple iPhone 4

As expected, Apple will stop its iPhone 4 Case Program on schedule on September 30th:

We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought. A small percentage of iPhone 4 users need a case, and we want to continue providing them a Bumper case for free. For everyone else, we are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after September 30, 2010. We are also returning to our normal returns policy for all iPhone 4s sold after September 30. Users experiencing antenna issues should call AppleCare to request a free Bumper case.

While there have been rumours that Apple may have modified the antenna design, it has made no official statement to confirm or deny this. Or, just maybe, this has really been a non-issue…

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