Conspiracy of the day: Why is the white iPhone 4 so late?

Apple iPhone 4

Late last week, Apple announced that it was pushing out the release of the white iPhone 4 “until later this year.” It cited manufacturing challenges as the reason for the delay. Is it really a case of finding “the perfect combination of paint thickness and opacity” as Engadget suggests or does Apple have an ulterior motive?

One suggestion is that Apple is using the delay to look at modifying the antenna design to eliminate the need for a case. Jobs himself indicated that the free bumper case would end on September 30th and that Apple was looking at other options. Maybe one of those is an iPhone 4 with a better antenna design.

Another theory suggests that the white iPhone could a CDMA version be headed to Verizon. It would not be the first time we’ve heard rumours that Verizon will soon offer the iPhone.

What do you think?

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