Dual-core HTC Glacier revealed?

Digging through the GLBenchmark 1.1 database, folks at AlienBabelTech.com found some impressive benchmark results for a device known as the HTC Glacier. In fact, they are about three times faster than those of the HTC EVO 4G (not a slouch itself) in some cases.

They go on to suggest that the HTC Glacier could be using a dual-core processor. Considering that HTC uses Qualcomm processors and that the latter has begun to ship dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon chipsets, their supposition is not without merit.

Also interesting is that the results were uploaded from someone with the user name “mbibik” who in the past uploaded results from other T-Mobile devices. A look at LinkedIn showed that a user with the same username works at T-Mobile USA as a Senior Interaction Designer (until these details were made private).

The GLBenchmark database also reveals that the HTC Glacier will be powered by Google Android and come with an 800 by 480 display.

Put it all together and AlienBabelTech.com concludes that the HTC Glacier will launch at T-Mobile USA and could well be the device behind the carrier’s Emerald project.

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