Further evidence of slow Windows Phone 7 sales?

Microsoft Windows Phone

Microsoft has provided little information as to how well Windows Phone 7 devices are selling so far. One unsubstantiated report indicated that some 40,000 devices had been sold on its US debut day but numbers have otherwise been hard to come by. Two new reports may shed new light on the matter.

Usage metrics obtained by Allfacebook.com show that the Facebook App installed on all Windows Phone 7 handsets has now reached nearly 120,000 devices. The trend shows a clear increase as sales ramp up and numbers are likely to be higher (just how much is not clear) considering that not every user will necessarily use Facebook.

Meanwhile, UK retailer MobilesPlease suggests that Windows Phone 7 devices may be accounting for as little as 3 percent of smartphone sales in that country. Other retailers it polled suggest that “Windows Phone 7 Handsets are not selling.” At the same time, they don’t appear to really be endorsing the platform, with some reporting that they don’t even have WP7 devices on display.

While neither report is not exactly scientific but gives further credence to suggestions that Windows Phone 7 devices are not off to a particularly strong start. If only we had some hard numbers to really gauge…

Source: WMPowerUser.com / Electronista