Hints reveal details about upcoming Verizon HTC Incredible HD?

Verizon Wireless

A number of tweets (one, two, three) from black_man_x, a Verizon engineer, may have shed light on one of the carrier’s first 4G phones. The hints point to the HTC Incredible HD and suggest that it could be quite the successor to the original HTC Incredible.

Among the specifications hinted at are LTE connectivity and a high resolution display (high enough to watch Verizon’s NFL Red Zone video in HD, suggesting higher than 480 by 800). BGR.com apparently landed pictures of a prototype, very similar to the HTC Desire HD, some time ago. The design has since been “refined a bit.”

With Verizon expected to launch its LTE-based 4G network by the end of the year, it may only be early 2011 that the company unveils the HTC Incredible HD. A fourth tweet suggests that it will hit stores around March 2011.

Source: Droid Life