HSPA devices coming to Koodo Mobile (Updated)

Koodo Mobile

Koodo Mobile, TELUS Mobility’s flanker brand, today announced that it will soon be carrying HSPA devices.

“Koodo has always been focused on communication essentials such as talk and text. Online social media has become a communication essential for many of our customers and the addition of HSPA phones ensures our customers will continue to get great connectivity with sites such as Facebook and Twitter,” says Kevin Banderk, Chief Koodo Officer. “HSPA will also give Koodo customers the ability to travel internationally with their phone and broaden the choice of handsets we can offer consumers.”

Too bad Koodo reveals little more than this intention today. It promises to launch several HSPA phones over the coming months but provides little information as to what these devices are.

Update: Koodo has launched its first HSPA device, the Nokia 3710. This basic flip phone is available for CA$175 or CA$25 if you use your Koodo Tab.

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