HTC teaser suggests LTE Verizon smartphone to be announced January 6th

An HTC teaser poster is suggesting that HTC will mark another 4G first on January 6th. The company was the first to unveil a 4G phone, the HTC EVO 4G, and the first to offer a 4G phone for T-Mobile USA, the T-Mobile G2. Now many expect it to be the first to unveil a 4G LTE phone for Verizon.

January 2010 HTC announcement

The timing suggests that Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg could announce the device during his keynote. Verizon has also planned a separate 4G-specific event on the same day giving it a second announcement opportunity.

The device in question is likely the HTC Incredible HD (codename Mecha). A separate rumour suggests that it could end up being known as the Thunderbolt (part of the DROID family perhaps?).

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