More information revealed about upcoming new Palm Pre 2?

Evidence continues to grow that HP is getting ready to launch a successor to the venerable Palm Pre. Whether this is one of the two new smartphones HP has promised for early 2011 remains to be seen though.

A European HP device, model ID P102UEU, surfaced on the FCC website. The model ID is reminiscent of some IDs seen late last month. Equally revealing was the appearance of the Pre 2 on French carrier’s SFR’s Club SFR pour Palm site for a short time. Today, leaked pictures of the Palm Pre 2 surfaced as well.

Together, the rumours suggest that the Palm Pre 2 will be powered by a 1GHz processor (a TI OMAP3630?) and webOS 2.0. It appears set to come with 512MB RAM and the same backcover as the current Pre, suggesting a nearly identical form factor.

Keen eyes looking at the SFR image suggest that the Palm Pre 2 features a flatter screen (glass perhaps?) and an exposed micro-USB port (eliminating the USB door of the original).

Rumoured Palm Pre 2 on SFR which landed the leaked pictures suggest that the Palm Pre 2 could be announced within days. It remains to be seen when it will be announced in North America (two variants, P102UNA and P102EWW, are thought to be the North American UMTS and CDMA versions respectively).