Motorola readying tablet for Verizon?


Rumours have surfaced that Verizon could soon launch a Motorola tablet. Past rumours have suggested both that Verizon was working directly with Google on a tablet and that Motorola was considering its own such device. It would appear that the two have gotten together.

Like past rumours, the latest reports suggest that the Motorola tablet will be powered by Google Android. Lighter and thinner that the Apple iPad, it will also come with a 10-inch display, act a mobile hotspot (suggesting Android 2.2), come with two cameras (one rear-facing and one front-facing for video conferencing), as well as support for Adobe Flash.

One key differentiator from the Apple iPad could be the Motorola tablet’s rumoured integration with Verizon’s FiOS digital pay-television service. While Apple iPad users can download movies and TV shows from iTunes and stream video through Netflix and Hulu, they don’t have direct access to pay TV. It would certainly be something that Verizon and Motorola would use to sway customers over.

Verizon and Motorola could launch this tablet as early as this autumn in the US.

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