Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android and Maemo

Mozilla Firefox 4 for mobile

Work on Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser for Android and Maemo devices (also known as Fennec) took another step forward with the release of a second beta of Firefox 4 for mobile.

We received a lot of great feedback on the previous beta and addressed many of the issues reported, including reduced memory usage, improved text rendering and a 60 percent install size reduction on Android (from around 43 MB to 17 MB). There is still room for improvement and we’ll continue to make the install size smaller.

A number of new features are also included in Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android and Maemo: Improved performance including faster JavaScript performance and page load times, smoother panning and zooming, a new theme, the ability to easily share links, and an Undo closed tab tool.

Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 2 for Android and Maemo is a free download. Just keep in mind it is still in beta and not all features will necessarily work properly.

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