Redesigned antenna coming to iPhone 4?

Apple iPhone 4

A revised Apple iPhone 4 sporting a new antenna design could be available as early as September 30th, according to a Mexican wireless carrier executive. Mexican technology site cites a Telcel press release in which Marco Quatorze, its Director of Value Added Services, is quoted to say that a revised iPhone will be available on September 30th.

In July, Apple announced the iPhone 4 Case Program offering free cases to iPhone 4 customers to address antenna signal attenuation issues. At the time, it indicated that the program would end on September 30th and that Apple would review its options at this time.

It’s not clear what this potential fix could be. Could Apple have coated the antenna or used a different material? And is Apple ready for the uproar from existing customers if it suddenly announces a redesign?

For now, I suggest taking this report with a grain or two of salt.

Note: The ‘Read more about this story’ link is in Spanish. [Google translation]

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