RIM shows off more BlackBerry 6 screenshots

Research In Motion

Research In Motion today revealed more screenshots of its upcoming BlackBerry 6 operating system. This latest series focuses on the new Home Screen and its possible customization. According to Joey Benedek, Director of UX Research:

I’d say that the redesign of the Home Screen in BlackBerry 6 is fresh, but familiar. When you look at it, it still looks like a BlackBerry Home Screen (for example, wallpaper selection continues to be a key attribute of the visual design), but it’s been updated – much like a home renovation still ‘feels’ like home, but is actually new.

With BlackBerry 6, we are introducing a host of new features in the design, evolving the look and feel and enabling the user to really customize the Home Screen. Overall, the visuals are cleaner and sleeker, and movement between and within the applications is more fluid, allowing users to navigate their BlackBerry smartphone in a much more intuitive and interactive way.

RIM also recently showed off screenshots of its new multimedia capabilities, including a music player supporting cover art, new camera controls, and a new podcast application.

If only RIM would announce exactly when BlackBerry 6 will be available and what current devices will receive an upgrade…

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