Rogers confirms Android 2.1 updates for HTC Magic and XPERIA X10

Rogers logoRogers Wireless has confirmed via Twitter that Google Android 2.1 updates are on their way for two of its current smartphones.

@DGfromMTL I just confirmed that HTC will deliver 2.1 for Magic for testing end of June. Acer Liquid will release w/ 2.1. X10 2.1 in Fall.

What is not so clear is how long Rogers will need to test the HTC Magic update before releasing it to its users. It might only be sometime later this summer. Meanwhile, the XPERIA X10 update is expected possibly as late as November.

The tweet also confirms that the Acer Liquid e will have Android 2.1 loaded when it launches. This was pretty much guaranteed given that Acer has already announced that the North American version of the Acer the Liquid e would come with Android 2.1.


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