Samsung to announce Google Nexus two at November 8th event?


Remember that November 8thevent where Samsung plans to unveil a new device? According to sources, the device in question could be none other than the Google Nexus Two.

The sources also reveal that the Google Nexus Two would be the first device to ship with stock Gingerbread (Android 2.3?) and that it would be offered by multiple carriers across the world. Instead of being available only directly from Google, this new device would be available through more conventional channels (much as Google later did with the Nexus One).

A separate report suggests that the Nexus Two will be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse in the UK. The event in New York suggests that at least one US carrier could also offer it. Interestingly, the same report suggests that Samsung will not be the manufacturer behind the Nexus Two (neither will it be HTC).

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