US launch details for Samsung Galaxy Tab revealed?

Samsung GALAXY Tab

Earlier this week, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Tab was headed to the four US major carriers (as well as Bell and Rogers in Canada). Unfortunately, none of the carriers have released any details as to when it would be available. Thanks to, we may now have a better idea of when we will be able to get our hands on one.

According to their unnamed source, AT&T will get the Samsung Galaxy Tab first and will offer it in mid to late October. Verizon will follow with their CDMA-based version in early November, followed by Sprint in mid-November. T-Mobile USA will launch it last in time for the holidays (late November or early December?)

Unfortunately, there is still no word on when we will see it in Canada beyond a generic “in the coming months.”

A similar staggered rollout was used for the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, suggesting that a similar move is not out of the question.

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