Verizon iPhone announcement to skip CES?

Verizon Wireless

New speculation suggests that Verizon Wireless will not announce the Apple iPhone 4 at CES 2011. Instead, the company will focus on the launch of new Android-based 4G LTE devices with a January 6th event. A morning keynote speech by CEO Ivan Seidenberg could still see an iPhone announcement but a Bloomberg reports otherwise.

Instead, it appears that Apple rather than Verizon will make the announcement after CES 2011. Citing “a person familiar with Apple’s plans,” Bloomberg suggests that it will happen by Valentine’s Day.

Timing aside, this latest rumour makes sense if only for the fact that it would be very unusual for Apple to let another company make an announcement regarding one of its products. It’s more likely that Apple will have its own press event with Verizon representatives in attendance. Perhaps this event will also see the introduction of the iPad 2, especially if a CDMA variant is launched as recent rumours suggest.

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