Apple iOS 4.3 to offer mobile hotspot to all iPhones? (Updated)

Apple iPhone 4

If BGR sources are correct, all iPhones will soon get the hotspot capabilities that the Verizon iPhone 4 will have when it launches in February. The new feature is reportedly included in the forthcoming iOS 4.3. It would allow up to five devices to share the iPhone’s 3G data connection over Wi-Fi.

Carrier support will still be required to enable the feature. There is no word from AT&T yet but its new competition with Verizon may help convince it to do.

Technical acceptance for iOS 4.3 is expected in March, suggesting that it will be available sometime after that.

Update: Apple today released a new iOS build into the Developer Center. It confirms that iOS 4.3 will have mobile hotspot capabilities built in. It also includes AirPlay Video Support being extended to third party applications. The iPad also gains the ability to customize the sliding switch to work either as mute or orientation lock and new 4 and 5 finger gestures.

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