CES 2011: AT&T announces 4G plans

AT&T Wireless

AT&T today outlined its plans for its 4G network. Much like T-Mobile USA did last year, AT&T is taking the line that both HSPA+ and LTE can be called 4G technologies, allowing it to start marketing 4G devices ahead of its LTE deployment.

With its completed HSPA+ deployment, AT&T expects that it will be able to deliver 4G speeds (“when combined with Ethernet or fiber backhaul)” to its customers.

It also announced plans to accelerate the deployment of its LTE network and now expects to have it completed by the end of 2013.

Along with the 4G network news, AT&T also announced plans to offer up to 20 4G (HSPA+ and LTE) devices, including 4G tablets (one of which will be LTE), by the end of the year. Up to seven of these could be introduced in the first half of the year. Android will also play a big role in its device portfolio with 12 or more Android devices coming this year (not all 4G).