Google Voice integration with Sprint goes live

Sprint Wireless

Google today announced that its Google Voice integration with Sprint is now live. Sprint users can opt to keep their existing Sprint number or get a new Google Voice number that will replaces their Sprint number. Best of all, it works with all Sprint phones.

In both cases, Google Voice replaces Sprint voicemail and international calls made from the Sprint phone will be connected by Google Voice.

Google Voice lets you choose what phones (eg, your mobile, home, and office) ring when the Google number is called. Voicemail messages can also be checked by phone, email, or on the web (and kept as long as needed). Messages are also converted into text and sent to you via text message or email. The service also allows you to create personalized voicemail greetings, block unwanted callers, mark telemarketers as spam, and make international calls at reduced rates.

Note: Google Voice is currently only available in the US.

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