HP decision on webOS coming “next couple of months”

Hewlett-PackardOn the analyst call that followed HP’s decision to keep its PSG division after all, CEO Meg Whitman also shed a bit of light on the future of webOS: “We’re going to make a decision about the long-term future of webOS within HP over the next couple of months. And as soon as we make that decision we’ll let you know on that.”

HP CFO Cathy Lesjak added that an analysis found that the spin-off would have resulted in a combined annual profit loss of about US$1 billion due to replication of common services and assets such as human resources, IT, and real estate.

Whitman also confirmed that HP plans to stay in the tablet market space and will focus on Microsoft-based tablets and Windows 8. PSG EVP Todd Bradley added that the two companies are working on some “extraordinarily compelling” products.

For now, we continue to wait…