HP TouchPad to get first official Facebook tablet app? (Updated)

HP TouchPad

TechCrunch has learned that the first official Facebook tablet app may not make its debut on the Apple iPad as most would have expected. Instead, it could launch this Friday along with the webOS-powered HP TouchPad. This is not to say that Facebook is not working on an iPad version as well but it does appear that we will see the TouchPad version first.

Among the tablet features caught in the screenshots obtained by TechCrunch is a tile view of the Newsfeed. Photos use a similar tiled view.

Facebook on HP TouchPad?

The HP TouchPad will launch in the US on July 1st and in Canada on July 15th.

Update: Facebook reached out to TechCrunch to clarify the story: “This app was not built by Facebook but by HP.” So still no official Facebook app on any tablet…

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