HP webOS tablet pictures and details leaked

Engadget has landed a number of details, including pictures and roadmaps, about the rumoured Palm webOS tablet that HP is expected to announce at its February 9th press event.

It looks like HP is planning to release two tablets. There will be a 9-inch model codenamed Topaz and a smaller 7-inch model codenamed Opal. Both are powered by a 1.2GHz processor and webOS. They will both come with a front-facing camera and a microUSB port. They could also come with three speakers (two on the left and a third on the right) to support stereo audio in both landscape and portrait modes. Neither has any hardware buttons

Rumoured HP webOS tablet

A leaked roadmap suggests that Opal will make its debut in September 2011 in both Wi-Fi only and 3G configurations. AT&T, Bell Mobility and Rogers Wireless are all on tap to offer the Opal at that time (along with SFR, O2 Germany and UK, Vodafone Germany, and Orange France). An LTE version could also launch in September 2011 with Verizon and in July 2012 with AT&T.

Engadget also suggests that Topaz may make its debut before Opal.

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